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We’re releasing a new product called the Child of Frankenstein .. The name follows on from the the ZX-Frankenstein device we made for the ZX Spectrum. The Child of Frankenstein designed for the Sinclair ZX81 is a combination of a 16K ram pack and a Maxduino SD solution. First look at the Child of Frankenstein although I believe Chris Hawkins is going to test it out on Sunday.

Nice unboxes video by TJ Ferreira with lots of goodies from You Make Robots. We like to support retro channels. Below are a few of the other Retro Channels we have supports:

  • Phil Kruman
  • Retro Robbins
  • Chris’s Retro Corner
  • The Retro Shack

But back to TJ… Thomas makes me laugh and he is a true Speccy fan so here goes:

TJ also recorded a 2nd video using the Maxduino Ultimate to load up a game on a Timex 1000 machine: