Arduino Pro Mini Ideas

We just got these bad boys in stock > CLICK HERE < but what should we do to show them off. Send us your ideas and if you live in the UK with the best idea we’ll send you one of these boards… Yeah let’s make a small competition Continue reading

Testing Arduino’s

We test our boards to make sure they work smoothly. How we do that is we build a simple test rig with 3 LEDs and speaker. We hook up the rig to a Arduino and upload a simple sketch so Continue reading

New In Stock Arduino Mega 2560 R3

We just a received a quantity of new Mega 2560 R3 boards. We priced them slightly cheaper than the Mega 2560s we already have because they are compatibles. Since we test all the different boards we know they work just Continue reading

HQ Audio Retro Computer Tape

We’ve been busy bees and developed an alternative solution for those wanting to keep Retro Computers alive by playing games and apps digitally through the audio ports originally designed for a tape deck.

DigiWavuino is an Arduino wav player designed for Continue reading

Blog Up & Running

Soon we’ll start adding blog posts here demostrating new stuff and Arduino Projects we’ve done previously. Watch this space.